The Rocks Pantry

T: 02 9872 4447

The Rocks Pantry is a charming family-owned boutique café, run by Pal and his family.

Pal has been involved in the café culture and hospitality industry for over 25 years. Strong family ties are at the heart of this business, with love, family experience and creativity deeply infused into each dish.

The cafe has just been revamped and relaunched with the new generation at the helm bringing exciting new looks and flavours to the venue, yet with all the homemade goodness and traditions of the previous generation as the underlying influence.

The cafe is a labour of love for Pal and his family. The menu incorporates the freshest produce daily, capturing the taste of an authentic home-cooked meal. Pal personally selects all fresh fruits and vegetables from the growers markets twice a week, sources meat from local butchers, uses free-range eggs and only serves up the best quality Campos coffee daily. Each dish is a work of art, created by The Rocks Pantry head chefs from Asian and modern Australian backgrounds. Many of the sweet treats are freshly home-baked by Pals wife, Toné, and her famous apple and walnut slice in particular is a customer favourite.

The Rocks Pantry is where family tradition and flavours are reimagined for today’s taste.




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