Back to School Shopping Guide

School’s Almost Back – But Don’t Panic! This shopping guide will help you gear your child up for success with these must-have supplies, cool trends, and tips to ace every curriculum challenge. Launch into a fantastic school year with North Rocks!

New Year, New Gear Checklist

Conquer Back-to-School with our checklist! No more wandering aisles in a daze. Follow our ultimate checklist and breeze through school shopping, ensuring your child has everything from pens to pencil sharpeners for a smooth, stress-free start.

Stationery Essentials at Coles

Make your mark on the new school year with Coles’ essential range of stationery selections. From pens and pencils to glue sticks and notebooks, our checklist ensures you can find everything you need for your little scholar.

  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Erasers
  • Colour Pencils
  • Glue sticks
  • Notebooks
  • Sticky notes
  • Highlighters

Pack for Success with Kmart

Get ready for a fantastic school year with Kmart’s captivating collection of back-to-school essentials. Parents, don’t miss out on their range of cool water bottles, stylish backpacks, and trendy lunch boxes—all clever, colourful, and cost-efficient for the new year.

  • Water bottles
  • Lunchbox
  • Backpacks

Vibrant Flare with Kaisercraft

Get ready to transform the school year into a vibrant adventure of creativity, color, and endless fun with Kaisercraft! With funky fidget notebooks, stand-up pencil cases bursting with fun, and a kaleidoscope of artsy supplies – your young learners are in for an even more enjoyable school term with these exciting supplies on hand.

  • Fun Fidget Notebooks
  • Stand up pencil cases
  • Art supplies

New Year, New Gear at Aldi


Embark on a scholastic journey with Aldi’s A+ array of products! If school shoes and back-to-school tech is on your list, be sure to check out their range of stylish school shoes and Pantone’s Bluetooth accessories — all designed to walk into the new school year with confidence.


  • School Shoes
  • Back to School Tech

Forgotten Essentials at Priceline

Priceline is here to ensure that your little one’s backpack is well-equipped with essential personal care items, ensuring they stay refreshed and prepared for the entire day ahead! Including must-haves like sunscreen, lip balm, and a variety of fabulous hair accessories – Trust Priceline for a complete and stylish back-to-school experience!

  • Sun Screen
  • Lip Balm
  • Hair Accessories

Five Senses’ At Home Learning


Ensure your back-to-school checklist includes a touch of academic excellence from Five Senses Education! Enhance your scholar’s learning journey by securing stimulating study guides, terrific tutoring tales, and exceptional educational essentials to make their studies a breeze.


  • Learning & Tutoring Books
  • Story Books

Pre-term To-Dos

​​Get ready for a fantastic school year by crossing off those pre-term to-dos! From eye check-ups to uniform alterations, our Parental Check-Up Guide ensures your little ones are all set for a healthy and happy start to the year!

Spec-tacular Vision

Ensure your child steps into the new year with clear vision; head to Specsavers or Eyecare Connection for a pupil-approved optometry experience. From clear charts to optimal optometry, they’ve got your back for a brilliant school year ahead!

Bright Smiles

Set the stage for your child’s academic success with beaming smiles and cavity-free cheers! Set an appointment for a back-to-school check-up at either Dentist @ North Rocks or Bupa Dental – They’re here to ensure your dental dreams come true for a fantastic school year ahead!

Fresh Cuts

Let your child step into this new school year with confidence after receiving a fresh back-to-school haircut or styling from one of our favourite salons or barbers in-centre!

Boy Haircuts / Styling

Girl Haircuts / Styling

Tech Repairs

Ensure your child’s tablet is in top-notch condition for the school year ahead! Head to Dr Mobile Phone or North Rocks Mobile Repairs if you need any tablet repairs, accessories or upgrades.

School Thread Alterations

Get your kids ready to ace the school year with perfectly tailored uniforms from AMZ Alterations! Their skilled seamstresses are here to ensure that every piece fits like a dream, providing the best comfort for your child’s academic adventures. 

Lunch Box Legends

Transform your kid’s school lunches into legendary moments with exciting snacks and delightful surprises from Aldi, Coles, and Baker’s Delight. Use the links below to read up on lunchtime recipes, tips and suggestions which are sure to fill your child’s day with joy as they unpack delicious treats and surprises on the playground.

Use the links below to view recipes and tips to pack a superior lunch box! Happy snacking.

Homework Heroes

Help your child become a ‘Homework Hero’ with exceptional tutoring services available in-centre. Elevate their academic journey with personalised support, cultivating a love for learning that lasts a lifetime.

Tutoring resources available in-centre. Unlock your child’s full potential.

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